Ray Graf

Raised in Jindabyne, heart of the Snowy Mountains, Ray grew up believing that life is about the relationships you keep. In his career, Ray knows that if nothing else, Financial Planning is all about relationships and for Ray this is the founding principle of Artt Advice.

His focus is first and foremost on strategic planning for whole-of-life strategies, backed up by equal attention to building the optimum client experience. This is because at the core of a successful wealth management firm is the dedication to the client experience. It’s a connection built on trust and sustained over time by performance in line with evolving investment objectives.

Ray is a Graduate of Charles Sturt university and holds both a Bachelor of Finance and a Bachelor of Economics.


Des O’Connor

A big smile, hearty laugh and a warm welcome by way of the South Pacific, Des aims to create a comfortable environment for people to share their priorities and create long term goals.

Having worked in partnership with solicitors, accountants and mortgage brokers, Des has a wholistic approach to wealth management from wealth creation to managing inter-generational legacies.

He thoroughly enjoys the process of combining client goals with technical solutions and being part of their life’s journey.

Des is a Graduate of the University of Auckland with a BCom in International Business and Management and a GradDipCom in Economics and Finance.


Lisa Durham
Practice Manager

It’s no surprise that that the head of Artts operations grew up on a Dairy Farm. Managing workflows, compliance, and a constant plethora of side projects are all in a day’s work for a kid raised turning the paddocks of Nathalia.

Lisa’s passion lies in helping people. She feels a great sense of reward when Arrt Advice clients achieve their goals as this is her primary motivation. Every day, she looks to create an effortless client experience, and this is pleasantly coupled with her cheerful demeanour.

When it’s time to down tools, Lisa loves spending time in the snowfields with her little family and Dogs, Yuki and Schnitzel.


Colleen Goodwin

Our clients love Colleen. She is the heart of our operations and greets everyone with warmth akin to a decade long friendship.

Colleens caring nature is apparent in her gentle attentive manner and sets the tone of how we want our clients to feel when they call Artt.

She has spent years in the health industry and has transferred a passion for helping people with their physical health to helping people with their financial wellbeing.

Colleen hails from Kwazulu Natal and in her downtime enjoys artistic endeavours as well as spending time with her growing village of five children.


Tracy Heaven
Administration Specialist

Tracy is the Fairy Godmother of quiet achievements. She transforms rat-tat dictations into free-flowing file notes and moulds raw numbers into ornate reports, crucial for the carriage of our regular reviews.

She attends to her administration tasks with a peaceful poise and leaves order in her wake where disjointed fragments of information once lay. Tracy’s humble competence is not surprising considering that she has over a decade of experience in the financial planning industry.

Tracy is a devoted mother and a magnificent baker. We know it’s going to be a great day in the office when we see Tracy’s Tupperware laden with deliciousness.


Emina Muratovic
Administration Specialist

In Bathurst, our Advisers allow for extra time at appointments because clients love to chat with Emina. She knows everyone and everyone’s cousin.

With over a decade of experience in Banking and Client Services, Emina is well known in the local community and well appreciated as she has an innate desire to help people.

She has deep moral convictions on what is right and wrong and an equal measure of confidence to let those views be known. Her diligence, conscientiousness and initiative always leave our clients with a positive experience.

Her parents migrated from Bosnia to Oberon in the late 70s where Emina and her two brothers were raised. When Emina and her husband aren’t renovating new investment properties, they spend time with their three children at sports events, dance recitals and traveling.